People aren’t one thing. Sometimes kids may feel that they are being left out or picked on only to find themselves being hurtful to someone else the next day and, they following day, just a bystander in someone else’s drama.

For those who just need a little help navigating difficult situations, remember D.E.F.E.N.D.



Distract: If you see someone being verbally bullied, change the subject.

Empathy: If your relationship with the bully permits it, help him/her understand how the victim could potentially feel.

Funny: Use humor to distract a verbal bullying incident.

Express yourself: Tell a friend, a teacher, an administrator, a parent/guardian or even the police (if dangerously threatened) to seek help to resolve a bullying situation. If nothing works, contact SUPERB’s emergency contact phone number (386) 439-5730 so that we can take matter into our own hands.

No!!! Speak up for yourself and make sure the bully knows you are assertive and will not take his/her abuse.

Disappear: If you know a fight will occur, do not show up and if it is already occurring, do everything you can to get out of the situation. Then, express yourself so that other victims can be helped.

Then, express yourself so that other victims can be helped.

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