classrom-image is a virtual platform based on SUPERB’s eight week program. SUPERB is made up of a team of graduate level professionals who are trained to help schools address social and cultural issues. Based on informational sessions with school administration, SUPERB makes a recommendation on one of our three curricula best fit the demographic needs of the students.

Though each vary slightly,  each model is designed to:

  • Detect, assess and resolve bullying,
  • Teach social responsibility,
  • Teach bullying intervention skills,
  • Teach consequences of bullying,
  • Teach D.E.F.E.N.D. techniques,
  • Increase youth’s appreciation for cultural differences and similarities,
  • Increase focus to future career choices,
  • Decrease social exclusion based on economic status, ethnic background, appearances, or talents,
  • Increase positive communication, teamwork, and peer cooperation,
  • Increase the students’ ability to build and maintain self-esteem without needing to put down others
  • Increase the students’ knowledge on how to reduce stress within themselves.

To further complete the program, SUPERB offers a 2-day workshop for teachers and administrators, which includes:

  • Exclusion, isolation, shaming, gossiping, teasing and bullying,
  • Research and Statistics,
  • Dangers and Longterm Impact,
  • Resolution,
  • FAQ’s and Answers,
  • Classroom Techniques and Activities,
  • The SUPERB Model,
  • Spotting Conflict Early

Call us to discuss the full SUPERB compliment of services. In the meantime, feel free to us our site and our app.

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