3.2 million students are bullied every year. In fact, 160,000 skip school every single day just so they won’t have to deal with it. The threat of physical violence does wane after middle school but verbal assaults remain constant from kindergarten until graduation.

Today, both kids and adults live in a world of  24/7 connectivity. If that connection centers on gossip, rumors, teasing, shaming or bullying, it will eventually lead to long lasting physical and emotional damage. The long term impact of exclusion, isolation and seclusion is equally damaging.

But there is help. Right here. Right now. Or get our app.

ResolveBullying.Org is based on the SUPERB model and it is a safe, comprehensive space for teachers, parents and students to learn and share.

Here you will find proven tools and techniques to resolve bullying. You will also find real stories about real events as well as all that you need to bring SUPERB to your community.

Most importantly, at ResolveBullying.Org you can chat with trained, licensed professionals who are ready to help you, your family and your school. Just click here.

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